Happy full moon.


Whoa, the energy has been exhausting lately. We always seem to be very busy up until holiday season.

Not only practically but a lot of my students, friends and I have been purging old emotional patterns to move forward in new and better directions.


When you purge for one reason or another you might experience fatigue.

So remember to allow yourself to unplug and rest. Of course yoga, meditation and breating exercises are great tools to ground yourself.


And old fear triggers might show it’s ugly face again. Since you’re always evolving, it’s actually not quite the same emotions you’re experiencing now.

Issues you thought you were done with can show up again around this full moon, but only to be resolve in a new and more healthy manner. Because you have evolved, YES!

This full moon will expose what you have refused to see earlier, when fear and ego was holding you back.

The Universe gives us these lessons again, only so we can grow and to step into the right doorway, that will lead us to the path of least resistance.


When you feel overwhelmed by emotions, breathe into it and let it pass through you like a wave. Do not overanalyse. Just be thankful. Your triggers will show you where you still need to address old emotional wounds.


Are you brave enough to NOT resist what comes up?

Are you ready to leave the past behind and step into your

true Dharma (life purpose)?


When you are gounded, it’s easier to make the right decisions, that will bring you peace and freedom from within.

Always remember, it’s your responsibility to grow your peace and happiness. You can’t find it outside yourself or in others.

Mantra: Let the peace begin with me.


After summer yoga workshop in late August.

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Yoga retreat to Spain in September

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Enjoy your summer



Charlotte Bruun

Charlotte er motivations mentor/coach i selvudvikling. Charlotte er ejer af, hvor hun underviser 7 Prana Flow® klasser om ugen. Charlotte har løbende workshops, retreats og yogauddannelser.

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