Transmuting fear

Transmuting fear

I feel we are all doing an amazing job, moving from darkness to light, from poison to nectar Letting go of old patterns, relationships, ways of thinking and acting. It’s hard, I know.
A lot of old junk showed up in my life as well lately. A blast from the past.


This coming week, intentions for my yoga classes will be transmuting fears. How to commit to live without fears. You need to change your perspective, take ownership of the life you create. All your thoughts and emotions create the life you perceive. If you create from trust and love, guess what? More love and trust will show up. And you’ll start to attract the right opportunities. Where do fear block you?

By purify our solar plexus chakra in intention, in your yoga practice and

meditation you welcome in a long needed change for you to grow in the right direction. Letting go of fears and take back your power. It’s like a rebirth now. Who do you want to become? Create the life you dream of, don’t let fear or your ego talk you out of it. Live your dream.


The coming week to the Summer Solstice, where the sun reaches its highest point of the year, we can transform fear to trust. We have all the support we need.
Let the powerful fire purify and transform your fears.
Fear shows us where we still need to address unhealed wounds.
What old karmic patterns do you need to let go of? What is not serving your path? Where are you not in your truth? Where do you feel stagnant energy?


Choose the path of least resistance. On the path of least resistance you don’t need to fight back or struggle for what is right. You’ll feel at ease, going with the flow.
Be brave and keep being the light.

When you purge it’s important to remember, take care of your physical body as well. I sense a lot of you are physical drained right now. Your body carries you through the hard times. Be thankful to your body, show gratitude and appreciation.

Your connective tissue needs to be cared for and nurtured. What better way to do so than yoga.
When you are in emotional distress, your connective tissue contracts due to overload in your nervous system. It’s like a domino effect, it affects the rest of your body, prevents you from thinking, feeling and sensing clearly. Yoga creates space so your tissues can expand again. An easy way to come back home in union with you. The ultimate act of self love.

If you need guidance in your life or your path
I’m available for private sessions, yoga, healing and coaching. Skype is an option as well.
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Charlotte Bruun

Charlotte er motivations mentor/coach i selvudvikling. Charlotte er ejer af, hvor hun underviser 7 Prana Flow® klasser om ugen. Charlotte har løbende workshops, retreats og yogauddannelser.

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