Weirdness after the eclipse?

Weirdness after the eclipse?


Have you also been feeling off after Monday’s powerful eclipse?

I’m so happy other energy and light workers have described having the same uncomfortable feelings as I have experience. I can’t remember when I have felt as low as Tuesday to mid Thursday.

When big energy exchanges take place in the Universe, it affects us as well. There’s always an interplay, a dance between macro cosmos and micro cosmos. Changes and growing pains can be uncomfortable, since we’re leaving behind old ways of living. Old ego driven perspectives.

Something was just off. I was so sad and anxious. No matter how much I tried to realigned my energy through yoga, meditations and prayers, nothing worked. I felt like my inner guidance had totally left me. We need to go through this after eclipse void alone to re-organize our energy and emotions.

It’s part of the process after a powerful energy shift.

We have been confronted with our old ways of thinking and have been shown, that living in control really doesn’t serve our higher purpose and freedom anymore. We were confronted with shadows and frustrations that still needed to be released. The more resistance we fought with, the deeper we fell into darkness. It was like getting in to total surrendering and allow the great fall to take place.

We’re asked to trust ourselves now, not condition our trust or faith to answers outside ourselves. What we seek is already inside of us. Look in the mirror and accept.

Mine ended with a huge anger outbreak, for all the times I didn’t stood up for me. For all the times I didn’t follow my inner guidance. Now I’ve crossed the bridge, feeling lighter, emotionally stable again and more free than ever to love unconditionally. I’m more passionated than ever to follow my dreams. I choose to live in the light of love. Being in the light of love brings me miracles. Love you all.




Charlotte Bruun

Charlotte er motivations mentor/coach i selvudvikling. Charlotte er ejer af, hvor hun underviser 7 Prana Flow® klasser om ugen. Charlotte har løbende workshops, retreats og yogauddannelser.

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