Your body is a wonderland

Your body is a wonderland

Your body never lies.

Your body holds all memories, traumas you yet have to heal.

Your body gives you gentle reminders now and then when you’re not aligned. It may come as physical pain, feeling exhausted, anxiety, insomnia. 

Go within with self care. Embrace what you feel to heal with acceptance. Listen to what your body has to say.

Your answers lies within you.

A yoga practice helps you to feel and heal by stretching both your body and mind. That’s self mastery

Suggestion for a yoga practice, easy flow with focus on your breath.   Give space to let all emotions run through you without judgement. Allow to receive yourself with each inhale, just as you are in this moment. You don’t have to strive for perfection before you can accept yourself. It’s okay to have a shitty day, it’s okay to cry. Accept all you are and find peace within. Love Chloé ❤️





Charlotte Bruun

Charlotte er motivations mentor/coach i selvudvikling. Charlotte er ejer af, hvor hun underviser 7 Prana Flow® klasser om ugen. Charlotte har løbende workshops, retreats og yogauddannelser.

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