These cards have been created from my own journey towards self-mastery.

The shift happens when you are ready to show up from your true essence, which is love.

This means leaving behind old fear-based programming where you diminished yourself and your pure, inherited feminine energy.

Maybe you have felt depleted by compromising your feminine values to be recognised?

Feminine values are to accept, to love, to feel, to nourish, to heal and to allow.

Holding space through these qualities you become who you are meant to be: an empowered, sacred feminine with incredible strength.

Draw one card a day as a daily reminder to remain in a state of self-love, healing, passion, intuition and wisdom and own it.

The rose quartz crystal will radiate healing and calming energy to your heart.

Moonlight and sunlight will cleanse and charge your crystal at anytime.

Love, Chloé

199 kr. + porto

Bestilling gøres via mail

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